ART TRA Festival 2017

ART TRA Festival 2017

"The ART TRA 2017 program aims to create local community participation, to increase economic activation, to connect all members of the community and to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere that the community can take pride in." , Mayor Jock Barker.

Over fifteen thousand people are expected to attend the festival, which runs from Friday 31st March until Sunday 2nd April and takes place throughout Claremont’s Town Centre, highlighting the different areas with culturally enriched activities. All activities are free to the public.

Now in its third year, the 2017 ART TRA Festival introduces new projects to its program, including the headlining feature "Art Contained". "Art Contained" will see ten experiential sea-container galleries pop-up on Bay View Terrace. The public will be encouraged to walk through the different galleries, which have been inhabited by local artists creating an interactive experience.

Other attractions include the extravagant "Official Launch: Sky Arts", "Avion Your Way", "Gaia Golf", " STM Renaissaince Runway" and various satellite activities taking place throughout the streets of the ART TRA weekend.

ART TRA Festival is a weekend of experiential art for all ages and abilities. Programs can be picked

up from Claremont Town Centre businesses, or the festival’s

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