Underground Power Project - Finish Line in Sight

Underground Power Project - Finish Line in Sight

Approximately 1000 Town of Claremont properties, in the north east of the Town, are now enjoying the benefits of underground power.  This area represents the final pocket of the Town to have the overhead powerlines removed. 

“I would like to thank those residents for their patience during the project works. I am extremely proud of this initiative, which has been many years in the making.  Although we were unsuccessful in previous rounds the strong community support for the project was the driving force that gave the Council confidence to make a significant contribution to secure the network and aesthetic benefits of undergrounding for our ratepayers.” Mayor Jock Barker said.

One third of the project costs were funded by property owners from the area, equating to approximately $3500 per property, a comparable cost as it was when the Town undertook a similar project in the south ward more than 20 years ago. 

The benefits of underground power include a more reliable power supply, enhanced streetscape and a safer and more secure environment.

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