What's the GO on Garden Organics?

What's the GO on Garden Organics?

Garden Organics, or ‘GO’ for short, is the term used for small branches, flowers lawn clippings, leaves, prunings and weeds.  GO, if disposed of correctly, can be recycled and reprocessed into FREE garden mulch.
Unfortunately, if the bin is contaminated with things such as food waste, bagged items and soiled carboard the green waste ends up in landfill. 

Whilst this may appear fine, asGO is biodegradable, organic matter, if not correctly composted it will emit a great deal of methane as it breaks down. Methane is known to contribute to atmospheric damage and global warming and therefore the more greenwaste that goes to landfill the more we impact on our environment.

Food waste, bagged items and soiled cardboard (ie. food containers) are not GO items and need to be placed in your red-lidded general waste bin. If the cardboard is clean, it can be flattened and placed in your yellow-lidded recycling bin. The FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) system is not yet available in the western suburbs, so food waste cannot be processed via your green-lidded bin.

What if I have large GO?
Large prunings  <1.5m long and tree stumps are suitable for bulk verge greenwaste collection.
So, be a good sort and keep it clean and green in your garden organics bin.
For more information visit the Towns Waste services page (https://www.claremont.wa.gov.au/Services/Waste-Services#GObinsIntroduction) or contact the Recycling Hotline 9384 6711

Not sure which Bin?
No more confusion! Find out what does and doesn't belong in each of your bins. Visit the Recycle right website for detailed A-Z lists which will help you to correctly dispose of household waste.

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