Lake Claremont

About Lake Claremont

Lake Claremont is a Conservation Category Wetland with considerable conservation value and is a prominent landscape feature within the Town’s boundaries. It supports abundant life, both above and below the water.

Lake Claremont Committee

In 1983 the Department of Conservation and Environment of Western Australia prepared the Darling System report entitled “System 6 Report”. An outcome of the report was that Council prepare a management plan for the Lake Claremont area. In 1985 Council called for community consultation and as a result undertook significant research in 1987.

In February 1992, Council resolved to appoint a committee to prepare and implement a management plan for the lake. The Lake Claremont Committee, with community participation, ensures that the lake is managed by the Town of Claremont as a healthy natural seasonal lake for both conservation and recreational purposes.

Lake Claremont Management Plan

In August 1989, the Lake Claremont research report (1987-88) was presented to Council (to view the report click here). Research found that water of the lake contained sufficiently large quantities of phosphorous for its waters to be classified as hypereutrophic. In 1992, the first management plan was developed. This was updated in 1998 and renamed Lake Claremont Policy 1998. To veiw the policy click here.

In 2007, the management plan was updated again and approved by Council in 2010, this directed much of the revegetation and conservation works undertaken at the site over the last ten years. During that time, the water quality has improved and a number of bird species have been recorded at the site. To view the plan click here. 

In 2016, the most recent Management Plan was approved by Council. This document has been broken down into separate sections to allow the documenting of all flora and fauna found at the site. Click on the links below to view the Lake Claremont Management Plan and appendices.

  • Lake Claremont Management Plan 2016-21 click here                             
  • Appendix 1 (Biophysical Wetland Values) click here
  • Appendix 2 (Flora & Vegetation Values) click here
  • Appendix 3 (Fauna Values) click here

The Lake Claremont Management Plan directs actions that need to be addressed in an operational plan and that have been identified to be undertaken at the site over the next twelve months.

Water quality - Lake Claremont 

For information about water quality and how you can help, click here. 

Friends of Lake Claremont

The Friends of Lake Claremont was established in 2003 to assist in the conservation and enhancement of the lake. Volunteers meet every month to help care for the lake and its surroundings.

Volunteers are invited to join the Friends of Lake Claremont group to assist in lake rehabilitation or help with the newsletter. For further details about becoming a member please contact the coordinator Nick Cook on 0401 376 085 or or by veiwing the FOLC website.

Encouraging Bird Fauna into the Town of Claremont

Town of Claremont prides itself on its established tree stock and to encourage a wide variety of birds into your garden, here are some guidelines to assist you in creating a bird friendly environment.

  • Guidelines for the Development of Bird Habitat - Bushland & Natural Area Managers click here
  • Guidelines for the Development of Bird Habitat - Domestic Gardners click here

There is a bird observation platform, access can be gained from Stirling Road Park, Strickland Street or Gloucester Road.
For further Bird Life information please visit the Birdlife Website click here

Bird-watching at Lake Claremont

To view the latest bird census from Autumn please click here. For historical survey data please click here to email the Town with your request. 

A brochure "Birds in and around Claremont" is available to download. Please click here. Alternatively, hardcopies are available from our Administration Office.

For further information regarding other birdwatching locations please contact Birdlife WA on 08 9383 7749 or

Dog excercise areas

Please click here to view the map for where dogs are permitted in and around Lake Claremont.

Nature play space

In July 2018, the Town opened two new children's playgrounds around Lake Claremont.  The smaller play area is for toddler age children and is located next to Lake Espresso. The larger playground is designed for upper primary school aged children, and can be found close to the lake at the Elliot Rd entrance.