Animal Registration Renewal

You may pay for your animal registration here. It is your responsibility to ensure that your animal has a current registration and that the Town is informed of any changes. Penalties apply if registration is nor initiated by the due date.

Important Information

  1. Any change in particulars contained on your application including sale or death of animal MUST be notified to council immediately

  2. Animals over 3 months of age must be registered

  3. Cats aged 3 months and over must be registered, sterilised and microchipped.

  4. Ensure your cat is not causing a nuisance to your neighbours.

  5. Place a bell on your cat’s collar to avoid injury to wildlife.

  6. It is a requirement of the dog act 1976 to microchip your dog. As of November 1st 2015 all dogs over the age of three months must be microchipped. To register your dogs microchip number, please email

Is your animal sterilised?: