Parking & Vehicle Management

The Town has adopted local laws to control parking in Claremont. In addition to managing available parking space, consideration is also given to aesthetic, safety and environmental issues.

Paying a Parking infringement

Council allows 28 days from the date of issuing a parking infringement for payment of the penalty. Payment may be made in the following manner: Parking infringements that are not paid by the due date may incur additional costs. Unpaid infringements are eventually lodged with the Fines Enforcement Registry, after which your driver’s license or vehicle license will be suspended. The Fines Enforcement Registry also imposes additional costs.

A list of prescribed offences and modified penalties can be viewed under 'Second Schedule' on page 21 of the Parking and Parking Facilities Local laws.

Appealing a parking infringement

All parking infringement appeals must be submitted with a completed Infringement Review Form. Appeals where the form has not been included may not be considered.

The Town of Claremont will generally only consider a review against parking infringements in certain circumstances.

To view pictures of your vehicle at the time of the infringement being issued please click here. 

To have your infringement reviewed, download, complete and send us the Infringement Review Form. Prior to submitting the form, please refer to the second page about disputing a parking infringement. The Review Form, together with supporting documentation, can be sent to the Town of Claremont, PO Box 54 Claremont, or

Work Zone Permits

If you require parking bays to carry out works such as shop refits or moving from premises within the Town Centre, then a Work Zone Permit Application is required. Please click here to download the application form.

Abandoned Vehicles

Parking Local Law 2012

Under Western Australia's Road Traffic Code 2000 it is an offence to leave or abandon your vehicle in the road reserve or on a carriageway. Abandoned, unregistered and disused motor vehicles are covered by the Towns Parking Local Law which states:

9.7 Vehicles not to obstruct a public place
  1. A person must not leave a vehicle, or any part of a vehicle, in a public place so that it obstructs the  use of any part of that public place without the permission of the local government or unless  authorised under any written law.
  2. A person will not contravene sub-clause (1) where the vehicle is left for a period not exceeding 24  hours.

Impounding of abandoned vehicles

Where a report has been received about or a Ranger finds a vehicle that is unlawfully parked or could be considered to be abandoned, unregistered or disused, the Ranger can impound that vehicle.

In accordance with the Parking Local Law 2012 the Ranger will initially place a 24 hour notice on the vehicle advising the owner of their responsibilities and of the intention to impound the vehicle if it is not removed or relocated to private property.

Recovery of impounded vehicles

All vehicles that are impounded by a Ranger are taken to the Town's contracted vehicle impounding area. Impounded vehicles may be recovered after paying the costs of their removal and impounding, plus a daily penalty.

If you believe your vehicle has been impounded, please contact the Ranger service on 08 9285 4300. If it has been confirmed that the vehicle has been impounded, payment of fees are made at the Towns administration Centre before collecting the car.
You will also be advised that you will need to provide proof of ownership, such as registration papers of the vehicle.

Sale of removed vehicles

The Town may dispose of an impounded vehicle that has not been collected within two months of the impounding date. Impound vehicles are usually sold by public auction through the Towns contractor.

For further information on abandoned vehicles, please contact Ranger Services on 9285 4300.

To access the Town's Parking Local Law click here.