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Special Budget Edition of Town Talk newsletter

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What are council rates?

Council Rates are a levy based upon gross rental property values, which pay for a large proportion of the cost of the facilities and services provided by the Council. Facilities include the library, pool, golf course, roads, footpaths, refuse collection, street lighting, parks and reserves.

Who pays council rates?

Rates are the responsibility of the current owner of a property.

How are rates calculated?

To calculate general rates the Gross Rental Value (GRV) of a property is multiplied by the rate in the dollar which is set by Council (see below). The GRV is the yearly income the property would be expected to generate if rented. The GRV is determined by the Valuer General’s Office and updated every three years.  

For further information on Property Valuations click here

Rates calculation example:

Fair weekly rental value of $600.00
x 52 to obtain the Annual Gross Rental Value = $31 200
x 6.235 cents Rate in the Dollar = $1945.32 Annual General Rates amount

How is the rate in the dollar set?

When Council sets the Annual Budget each year, it must set a “rate in the dollar”. The figure is determined by firstly estimating the organisation’s expenditure for the year, less any non-rate able income. The balance is the total amount required to “balance the budget”. The total is then divided by the total of all property valuations, producing the rate in the dollar. The amount of the rate chargeable to each individual property is then calculated by applying the rate in the dollar to each individual property’s valuation (that is, its Gross Rental Value or GRV)

The 2019 - 20 Budget provides a rates collection of $15.1 million, requiring an average increase of .94% above rates levied last year.  

FInancial year and rates

2019 - 20

2017 - 18 2016 - 17
Rate in the $  6.4144 C 6.2350 C 5.8060 C




Special Area Rate 
Rate in the $

0.2600 c

0.1315 C

0.2620 C

Can I object to my property’s valuation?

Any person not satisfied with the valuation allotted to their property may lodge an objection with the Valuer Generals’ Office. Such objection must be lodged within 60 days after the issue of the rate assessment notice. For more information on your valuation please contact the Valuer General at Landgate on (08) 9273 7373.

Change of address and ownership

Please remember that it is the responsibility of the home owner to advise the Council of any change of address or ownership so as to enable us to serve notices.

Can I claim a concession on my rates?

Pensioners and service card holders who meet certain criteria are entitled to claim a concession of up to 50% of the current year’s rates and Emergency Services Levy (ESL) or in some instances a deferment of those rates. These concessions may also apply to both State Seniors Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders.Senior Card holders may be entitled to claim a concession of up to 25% of their current year’s rates (subject to a maximum) and the ESL.To apply for a concession please contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 85, a copy of your application will be sent to the Town to be applied against your Council Rates.

What is the pool inspection fee?

State Government legislation requires that all private swimming pool enclosures are to be inspected every four years. The Pool Inspection Fee is now charged every year, to owners who have a swimming pool on their property.

How do I pay my rates?

For information on how and when to pay your rates, please refer to your Rates Notice or visit www.claremont.wa.gov.au/Residents/Rates.

What is the specified area rate levy (SAR)?

Specified Area Rates are a boundary oriented levy implemented by a local government to raise funds for specific works, services or facilities directly benefitting a ratepayer within that boundary. 

Emergency service levy

The Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is used to fund the State’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). The levy is a State Government charge and is required to be collected on behalf of DFES by all Western Australian local governments.

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