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Food Businesses in Claremont

Business Regulations and Approvals

Food Premises

All food prepared for consumption and supply to the public is required to comply with the provisions of the Food Act 2008 and the FSANZ Food Standards Code. To ensure that all food businesses are complying with these provisions the Town of Claremont carries out routine food safety and hygiene assessments of all business premises. Environmental Health Services in conjunction with the Department of Health and LAHCC samples food for both microbiological and chemical analysis.

If you have concerns about the handling of food and conditions of the premises within the Town please call the Environmental Health Team on 9285 4300.

FoodSafe® training

The Town of Claremont Health Services has implemented a free online training program which will allow all businesses and staff to be able to achieve the minimum level of food safety training that is required by the Food Act 2008 and the FSANZ Food Standards Code. The training takes approximately 1 hour and each receipent receives a certificate that can be emailed directly to the Town or their employer.

To access this free online FoodSafe® training, please Click Here  and use the login provided below:
Access Code: FSCLARE338

If you want to establish or refurbish a food business within the Town of Claremont you must obtain all the relevant approvals from Planning, Building and Environmental Health. It is important to obtain all approvals prior to construction as considerable penalites can apply for breach of the Act and Regulations.

If you are unsure of what to submit do not hesitate to contact this department. Guidelines on the Town's requirements for the construction and set up of a food business can be found through the following link:

Design & Construction Requirements for Food Related Businesses

283.48 KB

Under the Food Act 2008 all businesses are required the register or notify the local government authority where they are operating, this includes: mobile vendors, public and private events and bricks and motar businesses. The following forms are for for registration of a new business, notifying of changes to an existing business (incuding new changes) or for mobile venors at events or for puiblic trading:

Relevant Forms

  • Town of Claremont Food Business Notification of Change
    200.14 KB
  • Form 2A New Food Business Registration
    67.61 KB

Temporary Food Business Application Form

Scores on Doors

In October 2016 Town of Claremont launched the Scores on Doors food safety program.  Under the new program Claremont food premises are able to display a star rating following assessment by the Town's Environmental Health Officers.  

Scores on Doors is based on the unannounced, mandatory food inspections that are already being carried out by Town of Claremont.  It includes any businesses serving food, such as restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and takeaway outlets.

Following inspection, businesses scoring five stars or more are offered a certificate and window sticker to display to customers.

The below document confirms those food businesses within Claremont which currently hold a five star rating.

Scores On Doors 2023.24

52.07 KB

For more information about this program, please call the Environmental Health Team on 9285 4300.

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