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Belleville Park

Small pocket of bushland within park boundary with a boardwalk.

8 Glenway Cres, Swanbourne WA 6010

Belleville Park is a small pocket of bushland located in Swanbourne.

Belleville Park is named for Captain Graeme Rhodes Belleville.

Captain Belleville was a local resident who was determined to serve his country from a young age, joining the cadet corps while at school.

Upon turning seventeen he joined the army and despite being deemed to young to fight, stowed away on the ship carrying his battalion bound for Korea.

He went on to fight in Malaya during the mid 1950's and in 1960 joined the Special Air Service as Platoon Commander.

Captain Belleville was tragically killed in action in Vietnam in 1966.

A plaque memorial dedicated to Captain Belleville can be found at the park.

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Address: 8 Glenway Cres, Swanbourne WA 6010

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