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The Executive Management Team, comprising the Chief Executive Officer and four Directors, provides high-level strategic direction and oversight of the administration. They are responsible for implementing Council decisions, managing the daily operations of the Town and strategic and financial planning to ensure operational sustainability, accountability, and effective delivery of services to the community. 

Liz Ledger

Chief Executive Officer
  • Elected Members
  • Media and Communications
  • Customer Relations
  • Arts, Events and Tourism
  • Economic Development
  • Integrated Planning

Bree Websdale

Director Governance and People
  • Human Resources
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Legal, Insurance and Risk
  • Governance and Records

David Vinicombe

Director Planning and Development
  • Statutory Planning
  • Strategic Urban Planning
  • Planning Heritage
  • Environment Health and Waste
  • Building Services Compliance

Marty Symmons

Director Infrastructure
  • Engineering and Civil Works
  • Building Works and Maintenance
  • Parks and Environment
  • Asset Management

Alan Ferris

Director Corporate & Community
  • Finance, Rates and Payroll
  • Information Technology
  • Community Safety
  • Community Hub and Library
  • Aquatic Centre
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