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Keeping of Animals, Birds & Poultry

Animals and Bird

Animals and birds must be kept in accordance with the requirements of the Local Laws. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep the premises free from excrement, filth, food waste and all other matter likely to become offensive and/or provide the potential to encourage disease. 

Owners are also responsible for ensuring the animal is not causing a nuisance or posing a health and safety hazard.

More information on keeping animals can be found in the Town's local law found here.

Pigeons and Poultry

The Local Laws state that, a person can not have more than 12 poultry and pigeons unless he/she is an affiliated person (who may keep up to 30 pigeons or 12 poultry). Pigeons and Poultry must be kept in accordance with the requirements of the Local Laws.

No poultry is to be kept within 15m of a dwelling house, public building, premises where people are employed or premises where food is stored, prepared, manufactured or sold. All poultry is to be kept in a properly constructed and securely fastened enclosure. The abovementioned structure is to be no less than 30m2.  The enclosure is to be kept in a clean condition at all times.

Roosters or Peafowl are not permitted to be kept within the Town of Claremont.

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