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Adopt a Tree program aims to help restore tree canopy

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A new Adopt a Tree program aims to help restore the Town of Claremont’s canopy as the Polyphagous shot hole borer continues to wreak havoc on Perth’s trees.

20 Mar 2024
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The new initiative gives residents the chance to sponsor the planting of a tree with the option of adding a customised plaque to their ‘adopted’ tree, which may be in commemoration message or on behalf family members and friends.

Adopters can choose the size of tree from a selection of species which are more resilient to the destructive borer.

Trees can be planted at Lake Claremont, Claremont Park, John and Jean Mulder Park, or on Stirling Road near the Scotch College playing fields.

The program will take place in addition to the Town’s extensive tree planting efforts that will occur throughout the winter planting season from May-August this year.

Mayor Jock Barker said the initiative is a great way for residents to support the fight against the shot hole borer.

“As a community we are trying to limit the spread of the Polyphagous shot hole borer, but we also need to replace the trees that have been or will be removed. The Adopt a Tree program lets residents be a part of the restoration effort and allows the community to tackle this together,” Mayor Barker said.

“Within the Town of Claremont we are to date set to lose more than 170 trees, some of them decades or centuries old, which is the tragic reality of the borer infestation. Planting new species that are more resistant to the beetle is an essential part of this challenge.”

Further details and application forms can be found here.

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