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Claremont Aquatic Centre gets a makeover

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The Claremont Aquatic Centre has spent the winter months undergoing a facelift and getting ready for summer.

14 Oct 2021
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Both the 25m and 50m pool have been emptied to make way for new liners. The tiling has been replaced and new lane ropes installed ready for those early morning swimmers, clubs and lap-lovers.

Above ground, the entrance and reception area have been completely renovated, making way for a new retail space, coffee window and changing rooms.
The revamped reception area has created a one stop shop for pool entry, snacks, and the essential ‘swimmers’, all flowing out into the outdoor café area.

Mayor Jock Barker said the improvements would make a visit to the facility even better for visitors.

“We had already made some great additions to the Aquatic Centre in the past 18 months, including the new family-friendly change rooms, terraced grassed area, deck showers and splash-pad” he said.

“The upgrades to both pools, as well as the new reception area, will make a visit to the pool even more enjoyable.” 

Barrie Eves has been a local down at the pool for over 40 years and refers to the Aquatic Centre as his home.

“When I entered the reception area, I was very impressed with the changes and was greeted with a huge smile from the staff. The new lane ropes are fantastic colours, and I am so happy to be back,” said Mr Eves.

The Aquatic Centre will host a variety of family fun days over the coming Summer months.

Summer Events
Sunday 19 December – Family Fun Day 
Wednesday 26 January – Australia Day BBQ
Sunday 16 January 2022 – Family Fun Day
Sunday 27 February 2022- Family Fun Day

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