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Town of Claremont to honour Anzac Day in Claremont Park

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The Town of Claremont will hold an Anzac Day ceremony in Claremont Park on Thursday 25 April.

17 Apr 2024
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The Town of Claremont, in collaboration with RSLWA, will hold an Anzac Day ceremony in Claremont Park on Thursday 25 April.

The event will begin at 7.30am with the 30-minute service to include traditional proceedings such as The Last Post, wreath laying, poem readings, and a commemorative address from Mayor Jock Barker. Music will be performed by the Scotch College Pipe band and the Claremont Concert Band.

A barbecue breakfast hosted by the Claremont Nedlands Lions Club will follow official proceedings.

The event will involve collaboration with local community groups and members, including schools, veterans, cadets, as well as the Lions Club.

Anzac Day provides an opportunity to commemorate the lives of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who have fought and died in combat and is held on the anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign of the First World War.

Mayor Jock Barker spoke of the significance of Anzac Day.

“Taking the time to honour and commemorate the service men and women who served and those who lost their lives fighting for their country is profoundly important,” Mayor Barker said.

“A time for contemplation, I take great pride in being involved in the ceremony and I look forward to paying my respects alongside the Claremont community.”

The Town of Claremont’s Anzac Day event will run from 7.30am to 10am on Thursday 25 April in Claremont Park, with breakfast available until 9am for a gold coin donation. All proceeds go to the Claremont Nedlands Lions Club.

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